LG K92 5G 6 GB & 128 Gb Unboxing And Price

LG K92 5G GB & 128 Gb Unboxing And Price

Hello Friends, the mobile that we are going to unboxing today is called lg g8x, this mobile has just been launched, it is a very good mobile.Today we will completely unboxing this mobile with complete details, today I will tell you what are the things in this mobile that you friends need to know very much.And today I will also tell whether you should buy this mobile or not, because in this mobile you get friend screens.So today I will tell you in unboxing, what other things do you get in this mobile, because this mobile has a double screen, how much is the battery, how much RAM is it, how much is ROM, I will tell everything This is the first mobile from LG company that gives dual screen i.e. you get two screens with it And the interesting thing is that in this you also get very low price i.e. very cheap mobile.



LG K92 5G Price

So first of all, let me tell you that how much price LG K92 5G has placed in it or not, how much money can you buy from the market because I tell you that its price is very low in India Its price in India is ₹ 20000 whereas inside Pakistan its price is around ₹ 40000 and with this you get a lot of things which I am going to tell you both in detail. If you look at the price you get with this mobile, then the price is very low. I will tell you friends why the price of which mobile is so much lower when the price is low While you get to see many things in it, it is a very good processor, it is a very good cell.



LG K92 5G Storage

And now we talk about how much RAM and how much room the LG company has in this mobile storage, which will also surprise you. How can there be such a big RAM and such a big Ram at such a low price? Because whatever smart phone is coming nowadays, it has 6GB Ram 128GB ROM or 8GB Ram 256gb ROM. But if we talk about their price, there is about 70000 to 80000, so much RAM does not get mobile in 40000 or 20000. But why LG company has given you so much benefit, that too I tell you friends Because it has a hardware problem in the mobile, I will also tell you why it is because the battery that is kept in it is very less because it gives you two See friends screen The battery of this mobile is very low in terms of friend screen



LG K92 5G Game Test

And after this, if we talk about the gaming test in this mobile, then it is the best mobile in terms of games. But in terms of battery, you may get into gaming because the battery is very low in this mobile. In this mobile you get two screens, you can attach one screen to the second screen while the second screen will do its own work and the first screen will do its own work. If you are using WhatsApp on one screen, you can also use Facebook on the other screen or you can use YouTube In terms of gaming, this mobile is good because if you are playing a game on one screen, you can make a keypad on the other screen i.e. you can make a gamepad With which you can control the game playing any game, you can play the game by putting a controller. You do not even have to touchscreen, you will find buttons on the second screen, you will be able to enjoy your game through those buttons. But due to the very low battery, people do not like that we play games in this mobile



LG K92 5G Battery

And if we talk about the battery after this, how much power watt LG K92 5G has kept in this mobile So the LG company has kept about 4000 mAh battery in this mobile which is very less because in this mobile you get to see two screens. If you run one screen at a time, then this battery is too much for you because RAM ROM is very good if you use one screen at a time. So this mobile is perfect for you friends If you use friend cream at one time, then the battery power of this mobile is less to use two screens. You have to charge two to three times in 1 day, which is a very matter



LG K92 5G Unboxing

After this, if we talk about complete unboxing of this mobile, what are the things you get with this mobile box So with the box you only get this one mobile and you get a double screen which you can use as a cover or you can also use 2 all screens. Apart from this, you do not get anything in the box because this mobile screen Being two, it comes complete inside the mobile box. You do not get a charger with this mobile. You have to take an alaida charger and this fasting Stores charging And on the side of it, you see two speakers. And with that you get a charging jack and on the right side you get the power on button and on the left side you get two volume you and the volume down button.

LG K92 5G Camera

If we talk about the cameras of this mobile, then in this you get two cameras on the back and one camera on the front. On the back side there are two cameras, one camera is 32 megapixels and one is 12 megapixels and the front camera is 30 megapixels.

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